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Historical CUFF Delegate List

Historical Listing of CUFF Delegates Year Delegate From Con Location Can vention 1981 Michael Hall Edmonton Torque 2 Toronto. ? 1988 Taral Wayne Toronto Keycon 5 Winnipeg. 8 1989 Robert Runte Edmonton Pinekone 2 Ottawa. 9 1990 Paul Valcour Nepean Conversion 7 Calgary. 10 1992 Linda Ross-Mansfield Winnipeg Wilfcon Kitchener. 12 1996 Rene Walling Montreal Conversion 13 Calgary. 16 1997 R. Graeme Cameron Vancouver Primedia Toronto. 17 1998 Lloyd & Yvonne Penney Toronto Con*cept98 Montreal. 18 1999 Garth Spencer Vancouver InCONsequential II Fredericton. 19 2000 Sherry Neufeld Saskatoon

CUFF Delegate for 2019

The CUFF Administrator is pleased to announce the Canadian fan selectors have chosen Fran Skene to be the 2019 Canadian Unity Fan Fund Delegate representing western Canada to the CanCon Canvention in Ottawa October 18-20, 2019 Fran Received widespread support among participating fans and nominations from the following Canadian Fans: Eastern Canada: Murray Moore, Lloyd Penney, Yvonne Penny Western Canada: Graeme Cameron, LeAmber Kensley, Garth Spencer Fran Skene has been active in SF fandom, in Canada and internationally, since the 1970's. Her fannish credits include publishing fanzines and organizing a number of conventions. She was the Fan Guest of Honor at four conventions between 1978 and 1988. In consultation with other Canadian fans she helped move the Canventions into their current form, at the same time turning the CUFF race from a one-off to a mostly yearly event. For the last three decades she's helped raise money for CUFF throug