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CUFF Biographical materials and photos

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Captured from WINNERS OF THE CANADIAN UNITY FAN FUND (Information through 1996 drafted by Garth Spencer, Vancouver, B.C., July 1996) The Canadian Unity Fan Fund was conceived about 1981 as a means to better acquaint Eastern and Western Canadian fans with each other. The point about CUFF is that this country (Canada, I mean) is regionalized enough that a Canadian Unity Fan Fund actually makes sense here; but I think there has been a recurring problem raising the profile of this fanactivity. 1981 Mike Hall of Edmonton received a total $50 to attend Torque 2 in Toronto. Bio: Michael Hall was an active member of ESFCAS when he travelled to Toronto on the award, and visited Torque, a small fannish convention. He was also a fanzine fan, and helped Robert Runte produce New Canadian Fandom between 1981 and 1983. His own fanzine, Laid, was a sort of National Enquirer parody of fannish newszines - "All lies as long as they were close to the truth", as…